Inventors & Startups


HMD offers a comprehensive range of engineering and design services to assist our clients in any or all phases of their product design and manufacturing process.


Whether you have just and idea and a sketch, or you already have a homemade prototype, HMD's team with a combined 20+ years of design and engineering experience can help you develop your concept into a viable and manufacturable product.


From marketing, finding investors, or crowd funding, a physical proof-of-concept prototype is vital to the success of a new product.  HMD can develop the necessary CAD models to have prototypes made yourself, or using our industry contacts in machining, casting, and 3D printing, HMD can provide you with a working prototype.

Product Refinement

New products might require several iterations before they move to a production-ready stage.  HMD will work with you on optimizing your product or invention for the next step.


We have strong relationships with industry providers, from plastics specialists to custom machine shops and foundries, who we can coordinate with to get your new product manufactured and on the market.

Continued Development

After your product is manufactured and marketed, you may want to make changes or improvements.  HMD can help you implement these changes to your next-generation product.

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Sample of Inventor Projects Now In Production


Sidesip drink lid, inventor and startup projects

To learn more about the Sidesip drink container, visit

Swing Snap Golf

Swing Snap Golf Self-V headcover inventor and startup projects

To learn more about Swing Snap Golf's SELF-V Headcover, visit